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Flip Flops, It's certainly a much different look than the typical Wild uniforms.|With the hockey league being televised only on NBC, TVA Sports, and Sportsnet, you will need a VPN to watch the league from outside the country. We hope this article helped you choose the right VPN to watch the National Hockey League Winter Classic 2022. A VPN will help you unblock NBC, Sportsnet, and TVA Sports, as these streaming channels are not available across the globe. You can watch the NHL Winter Classic 2022 from anywhere by connecting to a trustworthy VPN. We had a lot of people here in Minnesota who told us also how tough a Minnesota fan is, and that was certainly a factor in coming here, NHL chief content officer Steve Mayer said. The NHL, however, didn't expect the cold weather to discourage fans from attending the game.Surfshark VPN has a good server network and it has over 500 servers in the US so that you can connect to any US server and unblock NBC. Similarly, you can connect to one of its 90 Canadian servers to unblock TVA Sports and Sportsnet. Surfshark VPN does not come with any limits, be it the number of simultaneous connections or bandwidth; there are no limitations.|Before anyone overreacts, Clair reminds us the game-time weather will be typical for early January. We're going to try and be as cooperative and flexible as we possibly can be. But as I said with respect to other elements of the schedule, there's only so much we can do. I don't think we can fully compensate for the problem, Daly said. If in fact these attendance restrictions carry on for multiple weeks, there's no way we can make up all those games or move or shift all those games. Like everything else, it'll be a balancing act. In terms of the Winter Classic going ahead as planned on Jan. 1, Daly said everything is going very, very smoothly. No hiccups, and addressed the expected freezing temperatures.

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