Nfl Helmets Go High Tech, baterii artificii de vanzare
baterii artificii de vanzare, We'll base our rankings on just how cool they look, and there are plenty of good ones to argue over this year. Initially, the Cavs were much higher in the rankings because I love the big-time throwback logo on these jerseys. But then someone called them too high school and now I can't unsee that. The greyed-out look will probably look nice on the court, with the red trim on one side and blue on the other coming off as fun little quirks. Still, though, this doesn't stray too far from the Clippers jerseys we already know.Toronto has one of the best jersey designs and logos in the league. This jersey perfectly mixes their throwback uniform and the other magical moments of their franchise. There's a lot of storytelling in the uniform yet they keep it minimalistic.For such a memorable venue and a franchise with loads of history, it makes sense to go with a simple approach for one of the league's monumental years. Last year, we ranked the Pelicans' City Edition jerseys as the sixth-best in the league, and everything seemed great in New Orleans. When it comes to jerseys, most people have different tastes, and our panel was no different. But there was near-consensus on the three jerseys that emerged at the top of the list. The Detroit Pistons, the most boring franchise in the history of professional sports, continue their unparalleled status. Milwaukee throws it back to the Sidney Moncrief ‘80s era.It's a very modern style for a team that's often had throwback jerseys as their best jerseys for a while now. Golden State's City uniform is a throwback from the 2000s. I was never a fan of the navy blue and the orange, so I had to stick it into the top 5 worst. They are also introducing the Oakland Forever court, which compliments the jerseys. Some teams have brought back the times when they played in the ABA .It also features their iconic blue, red, and white color scheme which is a nod to their throwback look in the 80s. They returned the original blue, green, and white color palette on this uniform. Meanwhile, the Wolves wordmark and forest lining are inspired by their jerseys in the early 2000s. This uniform just screams of Kevin Garnett's MVP season. The new design represents the franchise's city by honoring soul icon Isaac Hayes.

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