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koloběžky fristail, I gave the Bengals' new-look uniforms an edge over a lot of teams that could be in this spot. Minimalism can be key to a great jersey, and these are the best Cincinnati has ever had. The Texans earn the bottom spot simply for a desperate need of a revamp. I'd keep the helmet but find a way to better the uniform and pants while not making it too much like the Patriots.This uniform is without a doubt the cleanest in the game, and you should definitely go cop one on Black Friday. All these changes to the N.F.L. may be off-putting as the regular season begins. Practice squads used to consist of 10 players with less than two seasons of accrued N.F.L. experience. They were expanded to 16 players in 2020, six of whom could be veterans, so teams could stash some reinforcements on the practice squad in case of quarantines. Those rules were carried over for 2021, and teams are taking full advantage of them, particularly when it comes to emergency quarterbacks.The Patriots Hall of Fame confirmed that the red throwback jerseys will make a return in 2022. For the first time in a decade, New England will put on the same threads that John Hannah, Andre Tippett, Steve Grogan, and dozens of other Patriots legends wore in their careers. According to the Patriots Hall of Fame Twitter account, the Patriots' red throwback jerseys will return in 2022. The team hasn't worn red since 2012, in a Week 7 win over the Jets.There is no reason to believe the franchise won't consider bringing them back in the coming years. America's team has some of the best, but I'm not a huge fan of their blue jerseys, and that's what held them back in the end. If this were a lone uniform list, home and away, the classic white home jerseys probably would have topped this list...maybe. The change from a white helmet to a blue helmet was a big-time upgrade.Perhaps Rams owner Stan Kroenke's recently $790 million settlement with the Gateway City will unintentionally pave the way for these uniforms to return, albeit this time in Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium. Head to toe the greatest overall in the NFL for this season. The real competition is between their home and away uniforms, because they are both electric. Like I said earlier, the top four are all the cream of the crop, but these stand out as some of the best in sports. The Raider uniforms are one of the few on this list that can never and should never be altered. Less is always more in my opinion, and these are almost the NFL equivalent to Penn State's uniforms in college football.Louis Rams wore their Kurt Warner-era throwbacks in 2014 | Michael B. Thomas/Getty ImagesThe ‘Greatest Show on Turf' uniforms should speak for themselves at this point. All an older football fan needs is one glance at those jerseys to see Kurt Warner completing his journey from supermarket employee to Super Bowl champion. For what it's worth, we'd like to see the Oilers' light blue jerseys and iconic oil rig logo make a return one day. Or, if the Titans remain stubborn, the Texans should consider adding an Oilers-inspired while still keeping the Texans' logo and imagery) alternate uniform. The blue helmets and striped pants stand out, especially in 2021 when more teams have embraced black uniforms.The patterns on the number and around the shoulders are very original. Some of the best helmets in the league, but they could definitely use a minor update/tweak for this century. Even if you look past the significance of these unis, they're just a rock-solid combination due to the helmet Minuteman and vibrant red tops. Now that the NFL's dumb rule has been axed, these unis are back in the lineup.This will also be the last season of the NFL's one-helmet rule after the league announced teams will be permitted to wear two different helmets starting in 2022. The red helmets were a staple of the Bills back in the 1990s and their four consecutive Super Bowl runs, the navy jerseys with the grayish-blue pants were unique to the time, and remain so to this day. Now that the reigns are off, the possibilities are wide open for many of your favorite teams to bring back the classics – from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers creamsicle jerseys to the baby blue and red of the old Houston Oilers. The NFL announced last week that teams intending to bring back alternative and classic uniforms can officially use alternative helmets starting in 2022, per ESPN's Adam Schefter on Twitter. The Indianapolis Colts have one of the most simple, clean, and traditional jersey and helmet combinations in the NFL. Their blue throwbacks enhance that look and really bring out the, well, color blue in their look.Both players changed to single-digit jersey numbers for the 2021 season. I'm excited to see big linebackers with single digit numbers and I've always been a big fan of Safeties with single numbers too. It also opens things up for some teams, like the Bears, who have retired so many numbers they were running out of ones some position groups could have. Last year I did a full uniform breakdown of every team and put them into my own tier lists. I'm going to update that list based on what I saw last year and on the changes teams have made in the offseason. The NFL got rid of the one-helmet rule this past offseason, which would allow the Patriots to wear the white Pat Patriot helmets along with their normal helmets again.As for when exactly the red uniforms will make their return? The earliest update would likely be in the spring, when NFL teams tend to announce most of their uniform news. While it's unclear how many teams will take advantage of the NFL's relaxed helmet rules next season, you can count the New England Patriots among them. One name that will certainly not be the choice in 2022 is Warriors, as Wright said it's not under consideration due to engagement groups revealing discomfort with retaining any Native American themes. The team's current burgundy and gold color scheme is expected to remain intact, though. Denver did not share which color pants it will wear with the blue jerseys, however.

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